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Summary Chapter 45

The carts carry the condemned to the Guillotine. Everyone is curious about Darnay. They see him talking to a girl that is a fellow prisoner. The crowd’s denunciations only make him smile.

The Vengeance is looking for Madame Defarge.. She is upset that Darnay will die without Madame Defarge witnessing it.

Darnay kisses the girl he has been comforting. He did not write down his thoughts, which were prophetic. He sees people like the Defarges perishing by the same guillotine. He sees the people finally conquering the evil and being free.

He sees Lucie with a child named after him, and Dr. Manette fully restored. He sees Mr. Lorry leaving them his inheritance. Carton sees his namesake growing up to be a better man than he was.

Charles Dickens