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Summary Chapter 16

A year later, Darnay is a French tutor in England. He prospers because he can speak English and French fluently. He also has knowledge of French culture and politics. His abilities are rare and sought after. He had expected to work and not to have an easy life. He divides his time between Cambridge and London.

He is in love with Lucie Manette and has been since his trial. However, he has not revealed his love to her. One day, he goes to Soho to talk with her father while she is out. Doctor Manette has continued to improve, gaining more energy and strength of purpose.

Darnay admits his love for Lucie to her father. The doctor finds it difficult to hear but believes it. Darnay tells the doctor he hasn’t gone to Lucie yet, wanting to know her father’s feelings about it first. Dr. Manette thanks him for his consideration. Darnay says he knows how devoted Lucie is to her father—how she clings to him. He would loathe coming between them and doesn’t seek to.

He asks Dr. Manette not to say anything in his favor, for Darnay knows that Lucie would be persuaded by her father’s words. He asks if there are other suitors. Dr. Manette says that they are often visited by Mr. Carton and Mr. Stryver. Darnay asks also that Dr. Manette not speak against him. Dr. Manette agrees that if Lucie loves Darnay, he will not forbid the marriage.

Darnay is about to reveal his true identity and the reason for his being in England when Dr. Manette stops him. He tells Darnay that if Lucie accepts his proposal, he can tell him on his wedding day. Darnay agrees and takes his leave.

When Lucie comes home, she is frightened and upset by the sight of her father working at his shoemaking bench. However, by nightfall, he has returned to his senses.

Charles Dickens