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Summary Chapter 2

Passengers are walking alongside a mail coach. The horses were unable to carry them in the coach uphill through the mud. A mist is making it difficult to see what is in front of them. The passengers can’t even see each other well. People are not friendly with one another on this trip, for everyone suspects the others of being robbers. However, they don’t dare travel ahead, for they may get shot as highwaymen.

They finally get to the top of the hill. However, they become alert when they hear a horse galloping their way. Anticipating that it might be a highwayman, the guard poses to attack.

A man on a horse comes towards them. He slows when they shout out a warning to him, demanding that he identify himself. He tells them he has been sent to contact one of the passengers—Jarvis Lorry. The rider, named Jerry, tells Mr. Lorry that a dispatch was sent for him. The passenger identifies himself and his messenger. The guard is still distrustful and tells Jerry to walk slowly towards them. Jerry obeys.

Jerry hands Jarvis a message. The guard gives Jarvis permission to read it if he is quick about it. The message says to wait at Dover for a woman. Jarvis tells Jerry to tell the sender that he answered, “Recalled to life.” The guard finds that to be a strange and suspicious answer. Jerry leaves, and Jarvis enters the coach to continue his journey.

Jerry doesn’t know what the message means either, but he suspects that Jarvis isn’t involved in something that is good to his well-being.

Charles Dickens