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Summary Chapter 38

Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher are on their way to do some shopping. They keep a watchful eye on the people and avoid any street where the people seem agitated.

In the wine shop, Miss Pross screams as she recognizes a customer as her brother Solomon. He orders her not to call him by his old name if she doesn’t want to endanger him. He orders her to pay for her purchase and to go outside so they can talk. He inquires as to whom Jerry is, who looks like he has seen a ghost. Miss Pross introduces him. Her brother gives an explanation to his friends that put them at ease.

Solomon asks Miss Pross what she wants, and she chides him on his lack of affection. He kisses her. He tells her he is there on business. He knew she was in France. If she doesn’t want him to be put in harm’s way, she’ll forget him and leave. Miss Pross laments his career choice. She’d rather have him dead than be around these barbaric people. However, she tells him that if he just assures her that he is not angry and gives her a sign of his affection, she will part willingly. Solomon grudgingly does so.

Suddenly, Mr. Cruncher asks if his name is John Solomon or Solomon John. The brother looks at him suspiciously. Jerry remembers him as someone he knew, though he doesn’t quite remember his full name. He does remember that he was a spy witness at the Bailey.

Sydney Carton comes up and says his name is Barsad. He tells Miss Pross that he had arrived to surprise Mr. Lorry and had agreed not to show himself until all was well or he could be useful. He needs to talk to Barsad. Carton had seen him emerging from the prison and had recognized him. He had followed him here and had watched him. He realizes his business. He asks Barsad to accompany him to Tellsons Bank. Barsad reluctantly agrees.

Carton says they will first escort his sister home, since he wants Mr. Cruncher to come with them—and it isn’t safe for her to be without an escort. Miss Pross notices a change in Carton’s demeanor. He looks like a man with a purpose and who is inspired.

After escorting Miss Pross home, Carton and Barsad join Mr. Lorry at Tellsons. Carton tells Lorry that Darnay was arrested again. Barsad confirms this. Carton says it is possible that Dr. Manette’s reputation will save him again, but that it couldn’t prevent this arrest is troubling.

Carton wants to make friends with Mr. Barsad, who informs him that he will need good cards to deal with him. Carton reveals that he knows that Barsad is a former spy of England, which makes him an enemy of his current employers. He also knows that Barsad is currently employed by the English government. He threatens to denounce him to the French if he refuses to help him.

Carton asks Barsad about a friend of his, who is a fellow spy. He recognizes the guy as Roger Cly. Barsad tells him that Cly died years ago from an illness. Cruncher asks Barsad who took Cly out of his coffin then? Cruncher had tried to rob Cly’s grave, only to find it full of stones and earth.

Barsad confesses that it is true, then asks Carton what he wants. Carton asks if he is a turnkey at the prison. Barsad says yes. Carton wishes to speak to him in private.

Charles Dickens