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Summary Chapter 41

Lucie is stricken by the news of Darnay’s sentence but recovers to put on a brave face for him. She begs to be allowed to embrace her husband, and Barsad permits this. Lucie tells Darnay that she expects to join him soon, but she is confident friends will look after their daughter.

Dr. Manette goes to kneel before Darnay, but Darnay seizes him. He tells Dr. Manette that they know what he suffered now and what he had to overcome to embrace Darnay as his son-in-law. He thanks Dr. Manette for this. Darnay said he always tried to undo the evils of the past, but he realizes now it was futile.

Carton carries Lucie to the coach after she collapses. He follows her to her home. He asks Dr. Manette if the judges are still friendly with him. He persuades Manette to try to appeal with them. Manette intends to. Carton tells him he will meet them at Mr. Lorry’s at nine to hear of their results.

Mr. Lorry expresses his doubts to Carton of Manette’s success. Carton agrees, but says he encouraged Manette to try for Lucie’s sake. He doesn’t want her to believe they did nothing more.

Charles Dickens