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Summary Chapter 44

Madame Defarge is in the shed of the woodsawyer. She is speaking to The Vengeance and Jacques #3. Though her husband is a good Republican, he has a weakness for Dr. Manette. She cares nothing for the doctor, but Darnay’s wife and child must perish. She has decided not to confide in her husband her plans, for he might warn them. She must do this herself.

Madame Defarge goes over the story of the woodsawyer seeing Lucie send signals to the prisoners. She tells them to meet her later so they can make their accusations. She orders The Vengeance to reserve her a seat at the execution. She is going to Lucie’s house now.

Madame Defarge’s anger at the destruction of her family and the anger towards the upper class that was responsible for it has made her pitiless. She didn’t see an innocent man, but the men who destroyed her family. She didn’t see Darnay’s wife as a widow and his child as an orphan. Since they are part of that bloodline, she believes they have no right to exist.

Miss Pross and Jerry could not leave with Mr. Lorry because there was no room in the coach. They are to leave on the next coach. Miss Pross orders Jerry to have the coach pick her up at the cathedral instead. She is worried people will get suspicious if they see two coaches leave from the same address.

Madame Defarge comes up to Miss Pross, demanding to see Lucie. Miss Pross realizes what the woman’s intentions are and refuses. They understand each other despite the language barrier.

Madame Defarge eventually realizes they are gone. Miss Pross seizes her when she tries to leave, intent on having Lucie pursued by the authorities. Madame Defarge reaches for her gun, but Miss Pross wrestles with her. She winds up killing Madame Defarge. She leaves the house and meets Jerry at the cathedral.

Charles Dickens