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Summary Chapter 37

Lucie trembles in fear, despite her joy. The people around them are vengeful. The innocent have been slaughtered for unsubstantiated reservations and spite.

Their household is frugal. It is safer in times where wealth offends people. They also had to pay for Charles food and upkeep in prison. They didn’t keep servants in their employ to prevent a spy being planted in their household. Jerry Cruncher lives with them to provide a male presence.

Another decree of the New Republic is that the name of each occupant be listed on the door. Dr. Manette adds Darnay’s name. They purchase their groceries daily and at different shops to avoid being noticed and sparking envy. Miss Pross, despite not knowing the language, has managed to bargain with the shopkeepers.

Miss Pross asks Dr. Manette if they can leave France. He says it would be dangerous for Charles just at the moment.

Lucie cries out at a knock at the door. There are a bunch of soldiers at the door. They tell Darnay he is once again a prisoner. They refuse to tell him why. He will be told the reason tomorrow.

Dr. Manette comes up and asks why this has happened. The soldier tells him that Darnay is accused by the village of Saint Antoine. He then asks the doctor to not question him further. A good patriot will make sacrifices for the Republic, which comes before all. Dr. Manette asks who brings the charge, but they tell him they are not allowed to reveal that. He will find out tomorrow.

Charles Dickens