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Summary Chapter 36

Every night, the jailers read the list of prisoners that will come before the tribunal the next day. Darnay hears his name called. He steps forward. Three people are called that are already dead. He has seen many called before him. All the prisoners he had first met on his arrival had perished. The prisoners exchange farewells and kinds words.

Fifteen people come to the tribunal the next day before Charles. In an hour and a half, all are condemned to death. Darnay sees the Defarges, Dr. Manette, and Mr. Lorry in the crowd when he is brought forth.

The prosecutor says that it does not matter that Darnay had returned to France before the decree was made that all returning emigrants were to be put to death. The decree still exists, and he is an emigrant.

The president of the Tribunal asks Mr. Darnay if he has lived in England for years. Darnay admits this is true. He doesn’t consider himself an emigrant because he gave up his title and station. He left his country and lived by his own employment. Theophile Gabelle and Dr. Manette are his witnesses. He married in England, but he married a French citizen—the daughter of Dr. Manette. The audience starts turning in his favor when they had been crying for his blood moments before.

Darnay continues that he never returned to France because he had no means to support himself there. He only returned to save a citizen’s life by bearing testimony, even at the risk of his own life. The citizen is also his witness. Mr. Gabelle had been released after the capture of Darnay.

Dr. Manette is questioned next. He tells the court that Darnay was his first friend. Darnay had remained in England and was devoted to his daughter. He mentioned how Darnay had been tried for being a foe to England and a friend to the United States, which appeals to the jury.

The jury finds Darnay innocent, and the president releases him. The same people who had been prepared to murder him now embrace him. Five people are condemned to death after him before he even leaves the court.

The people carry Darnay home. At first, he fears they are carrying him to the Guillotine. Lucie embraces him when he arrives. She also hugs her father, who tells her that he has saved her husband.

Charles Dickens