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Character Summary


JARVIS LORRY: a man who works and lives for Tellson’s Bank

JERRY CRUNCHER, SR.: messenger/porter for Tellson’s Bank who is also a Resurrection Man.

MISS LUCIE MANETTE: 17 year old girl who gets information about her father, whom she believed to be dead

MISS PROSS: a wild, red-headed servant who is devoted to Miss Manette

ERNEST (JACQUES) DEFARGE (ALSO JACQUES #4): a wine shopkeeper who is a former servant of Dr. Manette

MADAME THERESE DEFARGE: the pitiless wife of Ernest Defarge

DR. ALEXANDRE MANETTE: a man believed dead for a long time, recently released from the Bastille

CHARLES (D’AULNAIS) DARNAY: also known as the Marquis St. Evrémonde, a twenty-five year old man on trial for treason in England

MR. SYDNEY CARTON: an ally of Mr. Stryver’s that helps with his cases and is secretly in love with Lucie Manette, who also strongly resembles Charles Darnay


JOHN SOLOMON BARSAD: brother of Miss Pross and a spy

ROGER CLY: another spy who fakes his death

MR. STRYVER: defense council for Charles Darnay

MONSEIGNEUR: one of the great lords in power at the French Court

FARMER GENERAL: brother-in-law of Monseigneur who saved the family from 
poverty in exchange for their good name

MONSIEUR THE MARQUIS: the uncle of Charles Darnay

GASPARD: the father of the child that was killed by the Marquis


JACQUESES #1 – 3: Three men who are friends of Monsieur Defarge, all named Jacques. Jacques #3 is bloodthirsty and eventually serves on the jury for the Tribunal.

JACQUES #5: a mender of roads who tells Jacqueses #1-4 about the capture and execution of Gaspard

JACQUES OF THE POLICE: policeman that warns the Defarges of spies and passes on other information

LITTLE LUCIE: the daughter of Lucie and Charles Darnay

THE VENGEANCE: nickname of a plump grocer’s wife who is Madame Defarge’s lieutenant in the Women's Army

FOULON: a man who told the starving people they could eat grass

WOODSAWYER: a man who notices Lucie’s habit of waiting in his street, which is outside of the prison

JERRY CRUNCHER, JR.: the twelve year old son of the elder Jerry who is following in his father’s footsteps

MRS. CRUNCHER: Jerry Sr. religious wife

Charles Dickens