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Summary Chapter 8

The oldest clerk asks Jerry if he knows the Old Bailey. Jerry affirms that he does. The clerk then asks if he knows Mr. Lorry. Jerry says he knows the man very well. The clerk orders Jerry to go to the Old Bailey, go through the door witnesses enter through, and show the note for Mr. Lorry to the doorkeeper. The doorkeeper will give the note to Mr. Lorry. Jerry will need to attract Mr. Lorry’s attention to show where he is. Then he is to wait until he is wanted by Mr. Lorry.

The jail is a vile place, both for the inhabitants it houses and the environment. Disease is so rampant that it often spreads outside of the jail, particularly infecting the officials of the court. Judges often receive a death sentence from the diseases they contract from the prisoners they condemn.

Jerry arrives at the courthouse and does what he was instructed to do. A bystander asks Jerry what he has to do with the court case. Jerry replies that he doesn’t know.

Charles Darnay, a twenty-five year old gentleman, is on trial for treason. He is accused of assisting the French King Lewis. He is very composed, though he faces execution.

Miss Manette and her father are witnesses for the prosecution. Miss Manette is compassionate towards the prisoner and is sorry to be there. They are recalled to the stand. The attorney-general prepares to seal Mr. Darnay’s fate.

Charles Dickens