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Song: very day hath its night


Every day hath its night: Every night its morn: Thorough dark and bright Wingèd hours are borne; Ah! welaway!

Seasons flower and fade; Golden calm and storm Mingle day by day. There is no bright form Doth not cast a shade-- Ah! welaway!


When we laugh, and our mirth Apes the happy vein, We're so kin to earth, Pleasaunce fathers pain-- Ah! welaway! Madness laugheth loud: Laughter bringeth tears: Eyes are worn away Till the end of fears Cometh in the shroud, Ah! welaway!


All is change, woe or weal; Joy is Sorrow's brother; Grief and gladness steal Symbols of each other; Ah! welaway! Larks in heaven's cope Sing: the culvers mourn All the livelong day. Be not all forlorn; Let us weep, in hope-- Ah! welaway!

Lord Alfred Tennyson

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