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(No alteration since 1842.)


So, Lady Flora, take my lay, And if you find no moral there, Go, look in any glass and say, What moral is in being fair. Oh, to what uses shall we put The wildweed-flower that simply blows? And is there any moral shut Within the bosom of the rose?


But any man that walks the mead, In bud or blade, or bloom, may find, According as his humours lead, A meaning suited to his mind. And liberal applications lie In Art like Nature, dearest friend; [1] So 'twere to cramp its use, if I Should hook it to some useful end.

[Foonote 1: So Wordsworth:--

O Reader! had you in your mind Such stores as silent thought can bring, O gentle Reader! you would find A tale in everything.

--'Simon Lee'.]

Lord Alfred Tennyson

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