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To--'As when with downcast eyes we muse and brood...'

Reprinted without alteration as first of the 'Early Sonnets' in 1872; subsequently in the twelfth line "That tho'" was substituted for "Altho'," and the last line was altered to--

"And either lived in either's heart and speech,"

and "hath" was not italicised.

As when with downcast eyes we muse and brood, And ebb into a former life, or seem To lapse far back in some confused dream To states of mystical similitude; If one but speaks or hems or stirs his chair, Ever the wonder waxeth more and more, So that we say, "All this hath been before, All this _hath_ been, I know not when or where". So, friend, when first I look'd upon your face, Our thought gave answer each to each, so true-- Opposed mirrors each reflecting each-- Altho' I knew not in what time or place, Methought that I had often met with you, And each had lived in the other's mind and speech.

Lord Alfred Tennyson

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