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Two bees within a chrystal flowerbell rocked Hum a lovelay to the westwind at noontide. Both alike, they buzz together, Both alike, they hum together Through and through the flowered heather.

Where in a creeping cove the wave unshocked Lays itself calm and wide, Over a stream two birds of glancing feather Do woo each other, carolling together. Both alike, they glide together Side by side; Both alike, they sing together, Arching blue-glossed necks beneath the purple weather.

Two children lovelier than Love, adown the lea are singing, As they gambol, lilygarlands ever stringing: Both in blosmwhite silk are frockèd: Like, unlike, they roam together Under a summervault of golden weather; Like, unlike, they sing together Side by side, Mid May's darling goldenlockèd, Summer's tanling diamondeyed.

Lord Alfred Tennyson

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