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The Poems published in MDCCCXXX and in MDCCCXXXIII which were temporarily or finally suppressed.


Reprinted in Collected Works among 'Juvenilia', with title altered to 'Leonine Elegiacs'. The only alterations made in the text were "wood-dove" for "turtle," and the substitution of "or" for "and" in the last line but one.

Lowflowing breezes are roaming the broad valley dimm'd in the gloaming: Thoro' the black-stemm'd pines only the far river shines. Creeping thro' blossomy rushes and bowers of rose-blowing bushes, Down by the poplar tall rivulets babble and fall. Barketh the shepherd-dog cheerily; the grasshopper carolleth clearly; Deeply the turtle coos; shrilly the owlet halloos; Winds creep; dews fell chilly: in her first sleep earth breathes stilly: Over the pools in the burn watergnats murmur and mourn. Sadly the far kine loweth: the glimmering water outfloweth: Twin peaks shadow'd with pine slope to the dark hyaline. Lowthroned Hesper is stayed between the two peaks; but the Naiad Throbbing in mild unrest holds him beneath in her breast.

The ancient poetess singeth, that Hesperus all things bringeth, Smoothing the wearied mind: bring me my love, Rosalind. Thou comest morning and even; she cometh not morning or even. False-eyed Hesper, unkind, where is my sweet Rosalind?

Lord Alfred Tennyson

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Suppressed Poems

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