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Craigie-burn Wood

[Craigie-burn Wood was written for George Thomson: the heroine was
Jean Lorimer. How often the blooming looks and elegant forms of very
indifferent characters lend a lasting lustre to painting and poetry.]


Sweet fa's the eve on Craigie-burn,
And blithe awakes the morrow;
But a' the pride o' spring's return
Can yield me nocht but sorrow.


I see the flowers and spreading trees
I hear the wild birds singing;
But what a weary wight can please,
And care his bosom wringing?


Fain, fain would I my griefs impart,
Yet dare na for your anger;
But secret love will break my heart,
If I conceal it langer.


If thou refuse to pity me,
If thou shall love anither,
When yon green leaves fade frae the tree,
Around my grave they'll wither.

Robert Burns