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The Toast

[Burns being called on for a song, by his brother volunteers, on a
festive occasion, gave the following Toast.]

Instead of a song, boys, I'll give you a toast--
Here's the memory of those on the twelfth that we lost!--
That we lost, did I say? nay, by Heav'n, that we found;
For their fame it shall last while the world goes round.
The next in succession, I'll give you--the King!
Whoe'er would betray him, on high may he swing;
And here's the grand fabric, our free Constitution,
As built on the base of the great Revolution;
And longer with politics not to be cramm'd,
Be Anarchy curs'd, and be Tyranny damn'd;
And who would to Liberty e'er prove disloyal,
May his son be a hangman, and he his first trial.

Robert Burns