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Cock Up Your Beaver

Tune--"_Cock up your beaver._"

["Printed," says Sir Harris Nicolas, "in the Musical Museum, but not
with Burns's name." It is an old song, eked out and amended by the
poet: all the last verse, save the last line, is his; several of the
lines too of the first verse, have felt his amending hand: he
communicated it to the Museum.]


When first my brave Johnnie lad
Came to this town,
He had a blue bonnet
That wanted the crown;
But now he has gotten
A hat and a feather,--
Hey, brave Johnnie lad,
Cock up your beaver!


Cock up your beaver,
And cock it fu' sprush,
We'll over the border
And gie them a brush;
There's somebody there
We'll teach better behaviour--
Hey, brave Johnnie lad,
Cock up your beaver!

Robert Burns