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The Saracen's Head

  "The Saracen's Head" looks down the lane,
  Where we shall never drink wine again,
  For the wicked old women who feel well-bred
  Have turned to a tea-shop "The Saracen's Head."

  "The Saracen's Head" out of Araby came,
  King Richard riding in arms like flame,
  And where he established his folk to be fed
  He set up a spear--and the Saracen's Head.

  But "The Saracen's Head" outlived the Kings,
  It thought and it thought of most horrible things,
  Of Health and of Soap and of Standard Bread,
  And of Saracen drinks at "The Saracen's Head."

  So "The Saracen's Head" fulfils its name,
  They drink no wine--a ridiculous game--
  And I shall wonder until I'm dead,
  How it ever came into the Saracen's Head.


Gilbert Keith Chesterton