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Charles Dickens: (1906)


Published in 1906.

Chesterton's books and essays on Charles Dickens are among his best. Growing up in London Chesterton found Dickens his best guide to his own background and much of his philosophy came from Dickens's own "social gospel." To understand Chesterton you need to read his biography on Dickens. It will help you understand why he called himself a "disreputable Victorian.

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What Can We Learn from "A Christmas Carol"?

RE-posted in the "A Christmas Carol" forum

Signature of Charles Dickens

Hello, I am new to this site. I would like to know if Charles Dickens every did any art work? I have uncovered, under a very old painting, an etching signed C Dickens. It would be nice if it was Charles but of course it could be any old C Dickens! It is entitled "Old Village Teahouse Southborough." I have some very old Dickens books with illustrations all done by other people. Does anyone have a copy of his signature? Can anyone help me please?

when was....

when was he born?

publishing date of david copperfield

I am an avid, though amateur, vintage article collector, mainly of the mildly eclectic. I recently received, as a gift, an early edition of the book David Copperfield with a printed copywrite date of 1847. The book also has an inscription with date (1847) by its original owner. How is this possible? All things I have read, in attempts to find out whether this is a book from the first 'collected' publishing, say the story David Copperfield is from Dickens' published entries of the story between the years 1848 and 1850. Please respond quickly, as this contradiction is driving me insane.

Thank you,

Jame McCoy


his work is the best i have ever read.

Alfied Jingle

Is there such a character as Alfied Jingle in Dicken's work? thanks ejm

No Subject

he died June 9,1870

No Subject

HE was BORN Friday, February 7, 1812

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