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The Englishman

St. George he was for England,
  And before he killed the dragon
  He drank a pint of English ale
  Out of an English flagon.
  For though he fast right readily
  In hair-shirt or in mail,
  It isn't safe to give him cakes
  Unless you give him ale.

  St. George he was for England,
  And right gallantly set free
  The lady left for dragon's meat
  And tied up to a tree;
  But since he stood for England
  And knew what England means,
  Unless you give him bacon
  You mustn't give him beans.

  St. George he is for England,
  And shall wear the shield he wore
  When we go out in armour
  With the battle-cross before.
  But though he is jolly company
  And very pleased to dine,
  It isn't safe to give him nuts
  Unless you give him wine.


Gilbert Keith Chesterton