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Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens



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Essays and critiques on Dickens' Little Dorrit

Can anyone direct me to a good essay or critique of Dickens' Little Dorrit? I do not care much for Charles Chesterson's work on Dickens. It was very difficult reading. poet

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I read this book as a fan of Chesterton rather than Dickens and was not at all disappointed. Chesterton is one of those writers who, even if you disagree with what he has to say (and I often do) remains immensely readable for the sheer skill with which he says it. These essays are exuberant and insightful in a way that can only be achieved by an intelligent writer with a profound love for his subject.

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I believe that the way people see the book depends on the person. If an outgoing person reads the book they tend to relate and step inside the character easier while quiet people tend to need to see what people really mean which ma be hard to understand in some of his books.

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This book seems pretty interesting, the writer seems to know and understand what Dickens is trying to say through his books to the reader, he expresses his feeling and Dickens's feelings as well and it seems as if, he really knows what he's talking about when speaking of his novels, A tale of two cities as an example..!!!!

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To be honest, this book bores me even when I read Chapter 1. It' not readable and also hard to understand what the writer really means to say. He seems to have no particular views on Dickens. Very disappointing and dreading to Dickens readers.

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