Summary Pt. 2 Chp. 8

Chapter 8
Finally in an act of almost reckless daring, Winston and Julia decide to go to O�Brien�s house together. They are astounded by the sheer luxury of the place. But the greatest surprise comes when O�Brien turns off the telescreen in his room, explaining that members of the Inner Party had the privilege to do this. He invites Winston to state their purpose and inspired by sudden confidence Winston is impelled to say that they are there because they believe the brotherhood exists and that O�Brien can gain them entry into it. O�Brien invites his Valet Martin, to sit down with them, saying that Martin is also a member of the Brotherhood.
He then proceeds to confirm that the Brotherhood does exist under the leadership of Goldstein and that Goldstein�s book was its manifesto. He then asks Winston and Julia what they are prepared to do in order to damage the Party and support the Brotherhood. They both say that they are willing to do anything from murder or suicide except to part with each other. O�Brien invites them to drink a toast as newly recruited members of the Brotherhood. He then tells them that the group�s activities are carried out in the utmost secrecy, so that if one member were to be caught, he could not betray much about the others. Even Goldstein, he says would not know the name of all the members. He then asks Julia to leave and questions Winston about their hideout in the prole quarters. Next he tells Winston that as a preliminary initiation he would receive a coded message after which he would be given a copy of Goldstein�s book which he was to read and return in two weeks. His assignments would be given to him later. When O�Brien asks him if he has any questions, Winston can think of nothing to say except repeat the remark he had heard seven years ago �we shall meet where there is no darkness.� O�Brien apparently understands the allusion and when Winston irrelevantly quotes a fragment of an old nursery rhyme he had heard from Mr. Charrington astonishes him by completing the quotation. Winston leaves, inspired with full confidence in O�Brien.

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