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Summary Pt. 2 Chp. 3

Chapter 3
After their first meeting, Winston and Julia develop an intense relationship. He left the details of planning to her, as she was remarkably good at thinking up cunning devices for contriving meetings. On the surface they both continue to function as zealous Party members, in fact Julia even encourages Winston to take up voluntary Party work so as to further deflect any possible suspicion. She herself had an impeccable Party record, being regarded as trustworthy enough to have been even employed in the pornography department which called for the strictest confidentiality. But she had been living dangerously for a long time, having had an affair with a Party leader when she was sixteen. He had later committed suicide; luckily for her as otherwise he would certainly have revealed her name under torture.
Winston finds that Julia has a defiant attitude to the Party. With her, the whole thing came down to a battle of wits, the Party wanted to stop you from having a good time, if you were smart enough, you outwitted them and had a good time anyway. She did not indulge in the kind of romantic visions about organized rebellion against the Party like Winston did. She did not believe the Brotherhood existed, or if it did, she did not care. The Party mattered to her only as it impinged on her personal life.
Winston recalls his relationship with his wife Katherine and Julia tells him that she should not be blamed personally, the Party tries its level best to make all women like that. Only a few like Julia avoid ending up as frigid carbon copies of each other. Like Winston, Julia also realizes that sooner or later the thought police will catch up with them. The difference between their attitudes is that he is fatalistic about death while she is determined to cheat the Party by getting the most out of life.
George Orwell