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Summary Pt. 2 Chp. 2

Chapter 2
On the arranged day Winston arrives at the meeting place in the country. He has been doubtful about whether she would show up and it was a great relief when she did. But even then they had to be cautious. She walked ahead and obviously knew the way. As he followed, Winston suddenly felt inadequate, she was beautiful and much younger than he was, surely she could not really care for him.
However he felt his insecurities slowly slipping away as he saw the place she had selected which was almost identical to the golden landscape of his dreams. They luxuriate in the beauty of the surroundings for a while and he learns that her name is Julia. She already knows his name and tells him that she chose him because she could always tell those who didn’t belong.
The physical union when it happens was everything Winston had hoped for. And it was made all the more exciting when she told him that she was experienced, that it was not just that she loved him personally, but that she enjoyed the act of sex itself. This together with the jeering way in which she spoke of the Party invested the whole activity with an aura of defiance which fascinated Winston. Her very confessions of licentiousness are exhilarating to Winston, he hates the “purity’ which the Party hypocritically tries to enforce and he wants to corrupt it, to infect it with some cancerous blight.
After they had sex, Julia lay sleeping while Winston observed her and he thinks that pure desire or pure love was no longer possible. Their action had been a challenge to the Party; their union had been a declaration of rebellion. Sex itself was now a political act, indeed there was no sphere of human activity laft which did not carry its individually coded political significance.
George Orwell