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Character Summary



RALPH NICKLEBY, JR.: Godfrey’s son who becomes obsessed with money.

MRS. NICKLEBY: the foolish wife of Nicholas Nickleby, Sr.

NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, JR. (MR. JOHNSON): Son of Nicholas, Sr., who is nineteen at the beginning of the story

KATE NICKLEBY: the fourteen year old sister of Nicholas, Jr.

NEWMAN NOGGS: Ralph Nickleby’s clerk, a ruined gentleman

MISS LA CREEVY: a painter who lets out her house

MR. WACKFORD SQUEERS: a one-eyed headmaster of an institution who hires Nicholas Nickleby, Jr.

SMIKE (MR. DIGBY): a gimpy boy at Squeers’ school

FREDERICK VERISOPHT: one of the gentleman Ralph Nickleby entertains at the party that he trys to entrap via Kate

MULBERRY HAWK: one of the gentlemen Ralph Nickleby entertains at the party that takes a liking to Kate

MR. PYKE: one of the gentlemen Ralph Nickleby entertains at the party that is a toady of Hawk’s

MR. PLUCK: one of the gentlemen Ralph Nickleby entertains at the party that is a toady of Hawk’s

MR. VINCENT CRUMMLES: manager of a theater group that hires Nicholas

MR. CHARLES CHEERYBLE: a German merchant

NED CHEERYBLE: Charles’ twin brother

TIM LINKINWATER: an elderly employee of the Cherrybles

FRANK CHEERYBLE: nephew of the Cheeryble brothers

MADELINE BRAY: devoted daughter who makes sacrifices to take care of her father

ARTHUR GRIDE: an elderly gentleman, Ralph’s mentor, who is in love with Madeline

PEG SILDERSKEW: deaf housekeeper of Arthur Gride 


MR. GODFREY NICKLEBY: The grandfather of Nicholas Nickleby, Jr. and father of Ralph and Nicholas Sr

RALPH NICKLEBY, SR.: the uncle of Godfrey Nickleby, who leaves him an

MR. SNAWLEY: a stepfather who enrolls his two stepsons in Squeers’ school.

MRS. SQUEERS: the bullying wife of Mr. Squeers

MASTER WACKFORD SQUEERS, JR.: the son of the Squeers who is heir to the
school and their way of thinking

MISS FANNY SQUEERS: 23 year old daughter of the Squeers

MATILDA PRICE (KNOWN AS TILDA OR TILLY): Fanny Squeers’ best friend

JOHN BROWDIE: the husband of Matilda Price

MADAME MANTALINI: a milliner and dressmaker that employs Kate

MR. ALFRED MUNTLE (MANTALINI): husband of the dressmaker whose English name was changed because it would have hurt business

MISS KNAG: the forewoman at the dress shop.

MR. CROWL: a selfish associate of Noggs

MR. KENWIGS: an ivory turner who occupies the first floor of the building Noggs lives in.

MRS. SUSAN KENWIGS: wife of Mr. Kenwigs whom everyone wants to know
because of her wealth.

MORLEENA KENWIGS: daughter of the Kenwigs’

MR. LILLYVICK: the revered uncle of Mrs. Kenwigs, who is a collector of water rates

MRS. JULIA WITTERLY: a rich lady who advertises for a companion

MR. HENRY WITTERLY: Mrs. Witterly’s husband

MASTER CRUMMLES: son of manager

MASTER PERCY CRUMMLES: another son of the manager

MRS. CRUMMLES: wife of the manager

MISS NINETTA CRUMMLES: ten year old daughter of the Crummles, considered talented by some

MR. TOMMY FOLAIR: one of the actors, a dancer in the Crummles theater group

MR. LENVILLE: tragedy actor

MISS SNEVELLICCI: considered one of the talented actresses of the theater group

MISS LEDROOK: fellow actress and friend of Miss Snevellicci

MRS. LENVILLE: an actress, married to the tragedy actor

MISS BELVAWNEY: one of the actresses who usually plays a page

MISS BRAVASSA: an actress known for her beauty

MRS. GRUDEN: assists in the Crummles’ domestic affairs, takes the money at the door, cleans the theater, and is an understudy.

MISS HENRIETTA PETOWKER (MRS. LILLYVICK): an acquaintance of both the
Kenwigs and the Crummles, an actress

MR. TRIMMERS: a friend of the Cheerybles who raises money for families in need

MR. BROOKER: a former clerk of Ralph’s

MR. WALTER BRAY: a man in great debt and ruin 

Charles Dickens