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Summary Chapter 65


Madeline marries Nicholas after her period of mourning has ended. Kate marries Frank the same day. Tim and Miss La Creevy marry two or three weeks later.

Nicholas invests his wife’s inheritance into the Cheeryble Brothers’ business. He and Frank inherit it and become partners. Tim is a silent partner.

Their friends consider Tim and his wife to be the merriest, comfortably married couple.

The Nicklebys do not claim Ralph’s money, even though their relationship to him would entitle them to it. However, it is blood money, and they don’t think they would prosper form it. It is claimed by the state.

Arthur Gride was acquitted of being in possession of a stolen will. However, he was murdered several years later by robbers who had heard of his tremendous wealth.

Mrs. Silderskew and Mr. Squeers were sent to prison. Brooker died, having repented. Mulberry Hawk lived the high life abroad and was admired, but he was thrown into debtor’s prison when he returned and died.

Nicholas becomes rich. He buys his father’s house and expands it to meet the needs of his growing family. Kate lives nearby with children of her own. Mrs. Nickleby lives between them. It takes her a long time to receive Mrs. Linkinwater.

Newman Noggs lives in a cottage by Nicholas’ home. He loves the children.

The children often place flowers on Smike’s grave and reflect on his sad life. 

Charles Dickens