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Summary Chapter 39


John Browdie and his wife are admiring the vast size of St. Paul’s Cathedral and of the post office nearby it. John wakes up Fanny, who is asleep in the carriage. She is cross, accusing Tilda of kicking her. She doesn’t approve of the place that John plans to take them to repast. The Browdies have just been married, and the groom intends to enjoy himself in London.

Miss Squeers asks the waiter if her father is there, but the waiter doesn’t know. The waiter returns later to tell her that while her father doesn’t have lodgings at the inn, but he comes daily and should arrive presently.

When Mr. Squeers and his son do arrive, the waiter shows them up. Learning the Browdies were just married, he lectures them about how they should save their money for educating their children rather than wasting it on a honeymoon—for children come soon enough.

He tells his daughter it is time for her to marry, but Fanny claims she can wait. Tilda remarks the men can wait too. Mr. Squeers prevents a quarrel from starting between the girls by informing them he has captured Smike. He tells how he came across him.

Mr. Squeers invites them to tea at Snawley’s place. Mr. Browdie is very hyper after Mr. Squeers' visit. He becomes ill at the Snawleys' during tea. His wife tells everyone that he merely needs to lie down.

When they leave the bedroom, Browdie sneaks into the room Smike is being held captive. He helps Smike escape. 

Charles Dickens