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Summary Chapter 47


Newman is upset that Ralph is late, for he would like to go for lunch. Ralph never seems to have an appetite for anything but money. He is about to disobey orders to await Ralph’s return when Nickleby comes back. Newman, knowing Ralph will demand him to stay until the visitor with him has left, hides in a closet and doesn’t answer when called.

Arthur Gride is an old money lender who had mentored Ralph in the business. Arthur tells Ralph he is going to get married. Ralph believes he is lying, but Gride insists he is serious. He is going to marry a beautiful nineteen year old girl named Madeline Bray. Ralph asks what Arthur wants from him, knowing he wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something.

Walter Bray is in debt to Arthur. Arthur plans to release him from this debt in exchange for his daughter’s hand. He doesn’t believe the daughter will refuse her father’s wishes. Arthur also wants Ralph to write off the debt Bray owes him and back the marriage. The daughter is also an heir to some property nobody knows about.

Ralph demands the father’s full debt be paid to him. He wants an additional 500 pounds for helping him. He wants Arthur to give him a bond promising payment before his marriage. Arthur tries to compromise, but Ralph won’t budge.

After overhearing this, Newman has lost his appetite.

Ralph goes to the Bray home to negotiate the marriage. He points out that Artuhr Gride is old and will die. His fortune will allow Mr. Bray to pursue his former lifestyle. It would leave his daughter wealthy.

The father terminates the visit when Madeline returns. He tells them to call in a week. Ralph is confident that Mr. Bray will agree. 

Charles Dickens