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A Fragment: To One Singing


[Dated 1817 by Mrs. Shelley, and published in the "Poetical Works",
1839, 1st edition. The manuscript original, by which Mr. Locock has
revised and (by one line) enlarged the text, is amongst the Shelley
manuscripts at the Bodleian. The metre, as Mr. Locock ("Examination",
etc., 1903, page 63) points out, is terza rima.]

My spirit like a charmed bark doth swim
Upon the liquid waves of thy sweet singing,
Far far away into the regions dim

Of rapture--as a boat, with swift sails winging
Its way adown some many-winding river, _5
Speeds through dark forests o'er the waters swinging...

_3 Far far away B.; Far away 1839.
_6 Speeds...swinging B.; omitted 1839.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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