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[The poems which follow appeared, with a few exceptions, either in the
volumes published from time to time by Shelley himself, or in the
"Posthumous Poems" of 1824, or in the "Poetical Works" of 1839, of
which a second and enlarged edition was published by Mrs. Shelley in
the same year. A few made their first appearance in some fugitive
publication--such as Leigh Hunt's "Literary Pocket-Book"--and were
subsequently incorporated in the collective editions. In every case the
editio princeps and (where this is possible) the exact date of
composition are indicated below the title.]

Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Volume 1

    Volume 2 - Early Poems 1814-1815

    Poems Written in 1816

    Poems Written in 1817

    Poems Written in 1818

    Poems Written in 1819

    Poems Written in 1820

    Poems Written in 1821

    Poems Written in 1822

    Volume 3

    Volume 3 - Juvenilia

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