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The Secret of the Night



From The Adventures of Rouletabille; other titles being: Le mystère de la chambre jaune - The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1907); Le parfum de la dame en noir - The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1908); and Rouletabille chez le Tsar - Rouletabille and the Tsar; The Secret of the Night (1914).

Though not one of Leroux's best works, 'The Secret Of The Night,' is a stunning novel. In the book Leroux focuses upon a journalist in Russia partly resembling Inspector DuPin (Poe) and Sherlock Holmes (Conan Doyle).

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The journalist, Joseph Rouletabille, has been the hero of several interesting novels of Leroux (most notably "Le parfum de la dame en noir", "le mystère de la chambre jaune"). Worth reading...

No Subject

Although this book is not exactly great literature, it is a pretty good mystery. Some of the chapters are slow going, but it is a good story.

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