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Summary Chp. 7

Chapter Seven

Because Daisy doesn’t approve of the wild parties, Gatsby stops having them. He gets rid of his old servants and installs a less adept but more discreet set.

Nick and Jordan and Gatsby are invited to the Buchanans’ place for lunch. It’s a very hot day. They have drinks and lunch. Daisy suggests they all go into the City.

Over beers right after lunch Tom realizes finally that Daisy is in love with Gatsby. He’s surprised and angry.

The party does decide to go to the City. Daisy wants Gatsby to go with her in the Buchanans’ car. Tom drives Nick and Jordan in Gatsby’s car.

Tom stops for gas at Wilson’s place in the valley of ashes. Wilson tells Tom he suspects his wife is being unfaithful, with whom he doesn’t know. He confides that he plans to take his wife away. This is one more shock for Tom.

The party arrives in New York and rents a hotel room on Central Park. Tom and Gatsby have it out about Daisy. Daisy is caught between the two men. She’s confused. Tom loves her, but is unfaithful and takes her for granted. And Gatsby loves her, but insists on a profound romantic loyalty of which she is incapable.

Daisy takes the easy way, and Tom prevails. She’s not ready to take a chance on Gatsby’s extreme romanticism. The party goes back to Long Island. Contemptuously Tom directs Daisy to ride back with Gatsby in Gatsby’s car. Tom and Nick and Jordan follow.

Myrtle Wilson dashes out in the road in front of her husband’s gas station as Gatsby and Daisy drive through the valley of ashes. Gatsby’s car hits her. She is killed. The car drives on – it leaves the scene of the accident.
Nick and Jordan and Tom come upon the accident scene. All the gory details of the accident are related. Jordan and Nick then drive on with Tom to the Buchanans’ place.

Nick, revolted by the events of the day, refuses to go inside. Tom calls a taxi for him. Nick knows that Jordan is angry with him because he won’t join her inside the house, but he doesn’t care.

When Nick walks out to the gate by the road to wait for his taxi, he finds Gatsby watching from the bushes. Gatsby reveals that Daisy was driving when Myrtle was killed.
Nick worries that Tom might react violently if he realizes that Daisy in fact killed his mistress.

He leaves Gatsby at the gate and approaches the Buchanan house to check on Daisy. He looks in a window and watches Tom and Daisy talking together. “There was an unmistakable air of natural intimacy in the picture and anyone would have said that they were conspiring together.”

Nick realizes that Daisy and Tom are a couple again and he tries to persuade Gatsby to leave the Buchanans’ with him, but Gatsby insists he must stay. Nick leaves Gatsby on the Buchanan lawn “standing there in the moonlight – watching over nothing.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald