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Summary Chp. 4

Chapter Four

Opens with a description of the social whirl at Gatsby’s house. It is the end of July.
One morning Nick and Gatsby drive into town in Gatsby’s glittering gorgeous cream/yellow touring car.

Gatsby volunteers something of his background to Nick. He claims to come from a wealthy family, to have had a tremendous war record, to have toured the world in the grand romantic style. Nick disbelieves him, but Gatsby is able to show a medal from Montenegro and a photo of himself at Oxford .

In town they have lunch with Gatsby’s business associate and mentor, Mr. Meyer Wolfsheim, a Jewish gangster. Gatsby shocks Nick by revealing that Mr. Wolfsheim fixed the 1919 World Series.

During lunch Nick and Gatsby briefly encounter Tom Buchanan.

Later that same afternoon Nick meets Jordan Baker.

Jordan informs Nick that Gatsby and Daisy were lovers before Daisy married Tom, and that Gatsby bought his mansion on Long Island so he could be close to Daisy.

Jordan has a message from Gatsby – he wants Nick to invite Daisy to his house one afternoon so Gatsby can come over.

Jordan and Nick’s relationship is advancing. The chapter ends with them in each other’s arms in a horse and carriage touring Central Park .

F. Scott Fitzgerald