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Character Summary


Samuel Pickwick: a philosopher of life and founding member of the Pickwick Club

Tracy Tupman: a fat, epicure and a member of the Pickwick Club who fancies himself a lady’s man

Augustus Snodgrass: a member of the Pickwick Club and a poet of sorts

Nathaniel Winkle: a member of the Pickwick Club and a sportsman of sorts

Mr. Blotton: a member of the Pickwick Club who is at odds with Mr. Pickwick for the sake of being contrary

Cab driver: Mr. Pickwick’s cab driver who takes exception to Mr. Pickwick documenting their conversation to the extent of physically assaulting Mr. Pickwick

Stranger: a actor who prefers anonymity and who comes to the rescue of Mr. Pickwick & Co during a brawl instigated by the cab driver and who eventually identifies himself as Alfred Jingle

Mrs. Budger: a rich widow who dances with the stranger, making Dr. Slammer, who is keen on her affections, envious

Dr. Slammer: a busybody who is intent on wooing Mrs. Budger

Lieutenant Tappleton: Dr. Slammer’s confidante

Dr. Payne: Dr. Slammer’s friend who is wont to be blunt

Dismal Jemmy: the stranger’s actor friend who relates “The Stroller’s Tale”

Mr. Wardle: the father to Emily and Isabella and brother to Miss Rachael Wardle whose hospitality the Pickwickians can’t help but to graciously receive

Miss Rachael Wardle: the spinster aunt to Emily and Isabella and brother to Mr. Wardle who takes a liking to Mr. Tupman

Emily Wardle: one of Mr. Wardle’s daughters whose one defect, according to Aunt Rachael, is her boldness

Isabella Wardle: the other of Mr. Wardle’s daughters whose one defect, according to Aunt Rachael, is her habit of stooping

Mr. Trundle: a gentleman in Mr. Wardle’s company who courts Isabella Wardle

Fat boy: an able servant, named Joe, who is employed by the Wardles and who has a propensity to sleep that is uncommon

Waiter: a waiter waiting on the Pickwickians at the Rochester inn

Hostler: the man who provides the Pickwickians with their mode of transport to Dingley Dell

Red-headed man: an employee of a roadside public house

Missus: a woman who is the owner of the roadside public who rejects the Pickwickians’ request to have their horse kept there for safekeeping

Emma: a servant at Mr. Wardle’s manor who rejects Mr. Tupman’s advances

Mr. Wardle’s Mother: a very old lady who is fond of playing whist and who has many infirmities the most pronounced of which is her poor hearing which nonetheless tends to improve when playing whist

Old Gentleman: the bald-headed, good humored clergyman of Dingley Dell who relates the story “The Convict’s Return,” in addition to reciting the song “The Ivy Green”

Mr. Miller: a hard-headed man who is unfortunate at whist and who falls asleep during the Old Gentleman’s recitation of “The Ivy Green”

John Edmunds: the repentant convict in the Old Gentleman’s story “The Convict’s Return”

Edmunds: John Edmund’s father who abuses his wife mercilessly for which he is shunned by all

Mrs. Edmunds: the saintly wife and mother to Edmunds and John, respectively

Mr. Dumkins: an exceptional All-Muggleton cricket player

Mr. Podder: another exceptional All-Muggleton cricket player

Mr. Luffer: a Dingley Dell cricket player who acts as vice during the after-match meal/festivities

Post-boys: the boys operating the post-chaise in which Mr. Wardle and Mr. Pickwick give chase to Mr. Jingle who has run off with the spinster aunt

Samuel Weller: a prolix employee at the White Hart whose main duty is shining boots and shoes and delivering them to the inns’ patrons and who is eventually employed by Mr. Pickwick as a personal assistant

Mr. Perker: a little man who is Mr. Wardle’s attorney

Laboring man: a cottage resident of Cobham, Kent, who sells Mr. Pickwick the stone with the inscriptions, which brings Mr. Pickwick much renown

Madman: the author and the mad protagonist of a manuscript that the Dingley Dell clergyman entrusts Mr. Pickwick with

Madman’s wife: the woman who is forced to marry the madman on account of the madman’s wealth and her family’s penury and who ends up becoming mad herself before dying

Soldier: the madman’s wife’s brother who has become a soldier through madman’s wealth but who censures the madman nonetheless for contributing to his—the soldier’s--sister’s death, never mind his own greater role in killing his sister

Mrs. Martha Bardell: Mr. Pickwick’s widowed landlady who harbors romantic feelings for her lodger

Master Bardell: Mrs. Bardell’s son who attacks Mr. Pickwick mistakenly thinking that Mr. Pickwick had harmed his mother

Samuel Slumkey: Eatanswill’s Blue faction candidate for the seat in Parliament

Horatio Fizkin, Esq.: Eatanswill’s Buff faction candidate for the seat in Parliament

Mr. Pott: Editor of the Eatanswill Gazette which is partial to the Blue faction

Mrs. Pott: wife of Mr. Pott who doesn’t mind hosting Mr. Pickwick and Mr. Winkle and who is fed up with her husband’s politicking

Mayor: mayor of Eatanswill who openly declares his allegiance to Samuel Slumkey and the Blue faction

One-eyed man: a stout, hale visitor at the Peacock who tells the story entitled “The Bagman’s Story”

Tom Smart: the protagonist of the one-eyed man’s story who marries the buxom widow of a roadside inn, spoiling the villainous intrigues of Jinkins

Old chair/ugly, old gentleman: a chair in Tom Smart’s room at the roadside inn which metamorphoses into an ugly old gentleman and which urges Tom Smart to marry the buxom widow of the roadside inn

Buxom widow: the roadside inn keeper who is dissuaded from marrying Jinkins and who marries Tom Smart instead

Jinkins: a tall man who is married and has six kids but who nonetheless has designs on marrying the buxom widow (for her money)

Mr. Leo Hunter: an Eatanswill personage who invites the Pickwickians and the Potts to a masked ball on behalf of his wife Mrs. Leo Hunter

Mrs. Leo Hunter: Mr. Leo Hunter’s wife, an Eatanswill personage, and the author of the poem “Ode to an Expiring Frog”

Count Smorltork: a famous foreigner who is gathering materials for a learned study about England and who is present at Mrs. Leo Hunter’s masked ball

Job Trotter: the big-headed and mulberry-colored suit wearing man-servant to Mr. Alfred Jingle/Mr. Charles Fitz-Marshall who sends Mr. Pickwick and Sam Weller on a goose chase

Miss Tomkins: the lady of the Westgate House establishment for Young Ladies

Nathaniel Pipkin: the protagonist of Sam Weller’s story who is a modest parish clerk and who aspires to marry Maria Lobbs, the daughter of the great saddler old Lobbs

Maria Lobbs: Nathaniel Pipkin’s beloved who marries her male cousin instead

Kate: Maria Lobb’s arch, impudent-looking bewitching female cousin

Old Lobbs: the town’s resident, fierce-tempered saddler who is Maria Lobb’s father and who is rumored to have hoarded a substantial wealth

Male cousin: Kate’s brother and Maria’s cousin who protects Nathaniel Pipkin from old Lobbs and who eventually marries Maria Lobbs

Goodwin: Mrs. Pott’s handmaiden and “bodyguard”

Martin: tall gamekeeper and guide to the party of shooters which include the Pickwickians and Mr. Wardle

Captain Boldwig: fierce little man and landowner who has the sleeping Mr. Pickwick incarcerated for trespassing

Jackson: clerk at Dodson and Fogg law offices

Dodson: a plump, portly, and stern looking lawyer

Fogg: lawyer who is an elderly, pimply-faced, vegetable-diet sort of man

Mr. Weller Senior: Sam Weller’s father who is a coachman and who clues in Mr. Pickwick to Job Trotter and Alfred Jingle’s current location

Mr. Lowten: Mr. Perker’s law clerk

Jack Bamber: an old man of Mr. Lowten’s party who is perpetually silent unless the subject of being a resident in London’s inns is the topic

Heyling: the protagonist in Jack Bamber’s story who exacts revenge on his father-in-law for imprisoning him in a debtor’s prison and thereby causing the premature deaths of his wife and son

Mary: Heyling’s wife in Jack Bamber’s story

Mr. Peter Magnus: Mr. Pickwick’s fellow red-haired traveler who is obsessed with the security of his luggage and who is going to Ipswich to propose to a lady

Miss Witherfield: middle-aged lady from the country who agrees to marry Mr. Peter Magnus and who has Mr. Pickwick and Mr. Tupman arrested

George Nupkins, Esquire: principal magistrate of Ipswich who authorizes a warrant for Mr. Pickwick’s and Mr. Tupman’s arrests

Mr. Grummer: the Ipswich beadle who arrests Mr. Pickwick and Mr. Tupman

Mr. Muzzle: the Magistrate’s servant and the cook’s significant other

Mr. Jinks: the Magistrate’s obsequious assistant

Mrs. Nupkins: the Magistrate’s wife

Henrietta Nupkins: the Magistrate’s daughter

Mary: a pretty servant in the Magistrate’s service who falls in love with Sam Weller

Mrs. Cluppins: a little, brisk, busy-looking friend of Mrs. Bardell

Mrs. Sanders: a big, fat, heavy faced friend of Mrs. Bardell

Mrs. Weller: Sam Weller’s mother-in-law who bartends at the Marquis and Granby

Mr. Stiggins: the red-nosed deputy shepherd who cadges off Mrs. Weller and the public at large

Arabella Allen: a young lady with black eyes who is a guest at Mr. Wardle’s Manor Farm during Christmas and on whom Mr. Winkle dotes

Gabriel Grub: a surly, ill-humored sexton and protagonist of Mr. Wardle’s mother’s story

Benjamin Allen: Arabella Allen’s brother and a medical student who’s come to Manor Farm to accompany his sister home

Bob Sawyer: a medical student and friend of Benjamin Allen

Mr. Watty: an importune, bankrupt client of Mr. Perker

Serjeant Snubbin: the ill-kempt barrister who will argue Mr. Pickwick’s case in court

Betsy: a general help who sees to the needs of the tenants in Mr. and Mrs. Raddle’s building

Mrs. Raddle: Bob Sawyer’s cross landlady

Jack Hopkins: Bob Sawyer and Ben Allen’s medical student friend who is full of talk about the fantastic incidents the typical medical student is privy to in his hospital rounds

Mr. Anthony Hum: the president of the Brick Lane Branch of the United Grand Junction Ebenezer Temperance Association

Mr. Serjeant Buzfuz: Mrs. Bardell’s trial lawyer

Mr. Skimpin: Mr. Buzfuz’s assistant

Mr. Justice Starleigh: the short, fat presiding judge of Bardell vs. Pickwick

Thomas Goffen: a chemist who insists on being excused from jury duty to no avail

Mr. Dowler: a gruff, fierce man who was formerly an army man and who is Mr. Pickwick’s fellow traveler to Bath

Angelo Cyrus Bantam, Esquire, MC: Mr. Dowler’s friend whose dress and manners are excessively elaborate

King Lud: King of Britain and the father of Prince Bladud in Mr. Pickwick’s journal entry “The True Legend of Prince Bladud

Prince Bladud: the protagonist in Mr. Pickwick’s journal entry who is responsible for the salubrious waters of Bath

Mrs. Carddock: the landlady of the Royal Crescent

Mr. John Smauker: Bantam’s powder-headed footman who invites Sam Weller to the Bath footmen’s “swarry”

Mr. Tuckle: a footman with a cocked hat who gets thoroughly drunk at the footmen’s soiree thanks to Sam’s bowl of hot punch

Groom: the surly, sullen groom in the service of Miss Arabella Allen’s aunt from whom Sam Weller doesn’t even obtain a friendly greeting

Scientific Gentleman: a man who notices Mr. Pickwick’s lantern and incorrectly surmises that it’s an electric phenomenon

Pruffle: the scientific gentleman’s servant who thinks Mr. Pickwick’s lantern signifies thieves

Namby: the gorgeously dressed sheriff deputy who serves Mr. Pickwick notice of his arrest

Smouch: Namby’s shabbily dressed assistant who escorts Mr. Pickwick to Namby’s office

Mr. Tom Roker: the Fleet Prison turnkey who lets Mr. Pickwick a spare bed

Zephyr: the clownish inmate at Fleet who plucks off Mr. Pickwick’s nightcap and puts it on his own head

Smangle: a tall Fleet inmate with whiskers who has a rascally vagabond’s air about him

Solomon Pell: a fat, flabby, pale attorney through whom Sam and his father contrive to have Sam incarcerated in Fleet Prison

George: Mr. Weller senior’s associate who is on trial for insolvency

Cobbler: a Fleet Prison inmate with whom Sam Weller rooms

Chancery Prisoner: the man from whom Mr. Pickwick rents a room at Fleet Prison and who dies shortly after Mr. Pickwick rents the room

Mrs. Mary Ann Raddle: the vixenish wife of Mr. Raddle

Mr. Raddle: Mrs. Raddle’s husband who has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

Aunt: Arabella and Ben Allen’s old aunt in whose Bristol residence Arabella is confined to

Uncle: one-eyed Bagman’s uncle of whom the one-eyed Bagman tells a story involving mail coaches, a French nobleman and villain, and a beautiful dark eyed lady

Beautiful dark eyed lady: the lady to whom the Bagman’s uncle vows eternal fidelity in the Bagman’s story

Marquess of Filletville: the villain who abducts the beautiful dark eyed lady in the one-eyed bagman’s story

Mr. Winkle, Senior: Mr. Winkle’s stern, businesslike father who is, by profession, an operator of a commercial wharf

Mr. Slurk: Mr. Pott’s counterpart and editor of the Buff party supported newspaper the Independent, who gets into a verbal and physical tussle with Mr. Pott at the Saracen’s Head inn kitchen

Wilkins Flasher, Esquire: stock-broker who converts Mr. Weller and Sam’s inheritance into money

Frank Simmery, Esquire: a stock-broker with whom Wilkins Flasher, Esquire makes wagers about one thing or another

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