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Summary Chapter 54

Explaining how he eventually found Mrs. Weller’s will, which was ensconced in a black teapot (indeed Mr. Weller did not know of its whereabouts as he was reluctant to ask the dying Mrs. Weller as asking about it would’ve been both awkward and rude), Mr. Weller produces the will for his son’s perusal, confirms its contents (Sam is to receive 200 pounds and Mr. Weller the remaining 500 pounds), and is on the point of getting rid of it by throwing it in the fire only to be prevented from doing so by Sam who confiscates the will for safekeeping and informs his father that the will has be formalized for it to be legally binding. Subsequently, having decided that Mr. Solomon Pell is the man for the job, father and son, accompanied by two of the father’s friends, who will act as witnesses, repair to the law offices of Solomon Pell.

Mr. Solomon Pell greets the Wellers and their friends and assures them that he has been very busy of late when in fact he has spent much of his time recently doing nothing what with business being very slow. Mr. Pell mentions his awareness of Mrs. Weller’s recent death, and this leads to Mr. Pell’s eulogy of the late Mrs. Pell who was also a widow. By and by, Mr. Weller interrupts and informs Mr. Pell that he has come on business; namely, for the purpose of probating Mrs. Weller’s will. The news excites Mr. Pell who asks for 5 pounds for his services. Mr. Weller gladly pays, and the process of formalizing the will begins in between lavish meals that Mr. Pell and his clients are wont to indulge in.

To formalize the will, numerous visits are made to the Doctors’ Commons. Then comes the day when they have to visit a stock-broker. Mr. Pell has chosen to solicit the services of Mr. Wilkins Flasher, Esquire. When, after a substantial meal of porter, cold beef, and oyster, they enter the offices of Wilkins Flasher, Esquire, the Wellers and their friends witness the strange and fascinating goings on of Wilkins Flasher, Esquire and his fellow stock-broker Mr. Frank Simmery, Esquire who make various wagers, including one that involves the possible suicide of a man named Boffer.

Presently, Mr. Wilkins Flasher, Esquire, leads his visitors to the counsel’s office. There Mr. Weller, being the executor, is required to sign and formalize some documents. When Mr. Weller balks on account of his belief that his name is spelled with a V and not a W, which the counsel’s office would have him acknowledge, Sam forces his father to go ahead with the process. By and by, Sam receives his 200 pounds and Mr. Weller his 500 pounds.

Charles Dickens