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Or the Charge of a Child to his younger Companion.

That is work which I am rueing--
Do as Charles and I are doing!
Strawberry-blossoms, one and all,
We must spare them--here are many:
Look at it--the Flower is small,
Small and low, though fair as any:
Do not touch it! summers two
I am older, Anne, than you.

Pull the Primrose, Sister Anne!
Pull as many as you can. 10
--Here are Daisies, take your fill;
Pansies, and the Cuckow-flower:
Of the lofty Daffodil

Make your bed, and make your bower;
Fill your lap, and fill your bosom;
Only spare the Strawberry-blossom!

Primroses, the Spring may love them--
Summer knows but little of them:
Violets, do what they will,
Wither'd on the ground must lie; 20
Daisies will be daisies still;
Daisies they must live and die:
Fill your lap, and fill your bosom,
Only spare the Strawberry-blossom!

William Wordsworth