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Sonnet - A Prophecy

Feb. 1807.

High deeds, O Germans, are to come from you!
Thus in your Books the record shall be found,
"A Watchword was pronounced, a potent sound,
ARMINIUS!--all the people quaked like dew
Stirr'd by the breeze--they rose, a Nation, true,
True to itself--the mighty Germany,
She of the Danube and the Northern sea,
She rose,--and off at once the yoke she threw.
All power was given her in the dreadful trance--
Those new-born Kings she wither'd like a flame."
--Woe to them all! but heaviest woe and shame
To that Bavarian, who did first advance
His banner in accursed league with France,
First open Traitor to her sacred name!

William Wordsworth