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The Portrait of Mr. W. H.



This is a story attempting to uncover the identity of the mysterious dedicatee of William Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Another classic Oscar Wilde story about a Shakespearean scholar who discovers a pattern in the works of the Bard. From the pattern, he discovers a hitherto unknown fact and the identity of the mysterious Mr. W.H. The reader is shown the entire chain of logical reasoning. And then what happens? Oscar Wilde happens!--Submitted by Hrishi

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The Portrait of Mr W.H.

One of my favourite bits of Wilde`s lesser known output. I feel that his tongue is firmly in his cheek as he writes it. It is fun and thought provoking but not to be taken too seriously. A bit like the notion that King James drafted in Shakespeare to update the Psalms for his new Bible. Most readers of this site will be familiar with the old suggestion about the wording of Psalm 46. So read and enjoy and revel in Wilde`s wit and erudicity. But go to someone like Ackroyd if it is deeper analysis you`re after.

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