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Character Summary

JOHN WORTHING, J.P. (ALSO CALLED ERNEST OR JACK): A man with mysterious origins who is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax.

ALGERNON MONCRIEFF: Jack's friend and Lady Bracknell's nephew

REV. CANON CHASUBLE, D.D.: a reverend who is a friend of Jack's and is in love with Miss Prism

MERRIMAN: Jack's butler

LANE: Algernon's manservant

LADY BRACKNELL: Gwendolen's mother and Algernon's aunt who doesn't approve of Jack Worthing

HON. GWENDOLEN FAIRFAX: the daughter of Lady Bracknell who is in love with Jack

CECILY CARDEW: Jack Worthing's ward, who is fascinated by Jack's brother Ernest

MISS PRISM: Cecily's governess, who has a dark secret

Oscar Wilde