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Jacob's Room

Set in the halcyon days of pre-World War I innocence, Virginia Woolf's third novel follows the progress of a young man as he moves from adolescence to adulthood in a hazy rite of passage. Wandering through the windswept shores of Cornwall to the sun-scorched landscape of Greece, his character is revealed in a stream of loosely related incidents, thoughts, and impressions.

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MRS of consciousness

is there any comparison with this novel ?

No Subject

If you are a person who is concerned with the story then Virginia Woolf is probably not for you. She is neither straight forward, nor is she easy. If you can let go of the idea that moving from point A to point B is important, then her work is absolutely spell binding. In Jacob's Room she moves through descriptions and events at a dizzying pace. She has a remarkable ability to show the whole of everything, and avoids the limited one character point of view that many authors place upon themselves. Her story traces the life of Jacob in the period of time just prior to WWI. His development is traced through the eyes of characters he meets, and his perceptions on the world around him. His character is not as developed as characters in her later novels, and I left the book without a true connection to the main character. It feels like Woolf is still figuring out how to use her round-about style to the best advantage of the novel, and it stumbles at times. There are moments that are captivating, and moments I wanted to skim. Overall I would say it's not a waste of time, and the strength of the style of her writing overpowers the weakness of character development. I didn't love it, but I certainly enjoyed it. I would reccomend Mrs. Dalloway as an introduction to Woolf, but for anyone who is still interested after Mrs. Dalloway this is a good investment of time.

No Subject

This is a wonderful novel. Virginia woolf's writing is realy impresive. The emotional scenes told here are influencive. Its realy sad that she committed suicide. If woolf had lived for some more years ,we ,probaaly, would have gotten some more writings of her which surely would have been different.

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