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Toilers of the Sea


First published in 1866

This version published in 1911.

Edited by Ernest Rhys

Translated by W. Moy Thomas

I Dedicate This Book To The Rock Of Hospitality And Liberty, To That Portion Of Old Norman Ground, Inhabited By The Noble Little Nation Of The Sea, To The Island Of Gurnsey, Severe Yet Kind, My Present Asylum, Perhaps My Tomb.--V.H.

A Tale Which Holdeth Children From Play, and Old Men From The Chimney Corner--Sir Philip Sidney

This book is about human nature, and Nature. This book is about love, and solitude, it is about pride, but the true one, the one pride that matters, the one for ourself, the one that does not involves "showing off". And Victor chose, his classical way to go, and extreme situation, involving characters somehow outcast... Describing the sea and the island in a way he must really have learned because he was "stranded" there for a while... I love this book, reading it in a 100 years old translation from French, as well as in a recent one. Enjoy.--Submitted by Luigi Marchionni

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Toilers Recommmendation

Hi folks - 2 cents: If you've enjoyed any of Hugo's works, but haven't yet had the opportunity to read this, I highly recommend Toilers of the Sea. Though it cannot be compared to Les Miserables, it is still a dramatic and engrossing read. As in Les Miserables, Hugo delves deep into the heart and mind of the honorable man. The compelling force is his love for a woman (whom the reader will barely meet). Yes, I know - been done. But, first - not often as well. And second - the adversaries are different: Nature, Time and other people's perceptions. They are positively brutal. He, however, is positively determined. I don't want to tell you too much.... Read it!

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