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Dick Hamilton's Football Team


or, A Young Millionaire On The Gridiron



My Dear Boys:

In writing this, the fourth volume of the "Dick Hamilton Series,"
telling of the doings of the young millionaire on the gridiron, I have
had one particular thought in mind. That was to make as interesting a
story as possible for you. Now that it is finished, it is for you to say
whether or not you like it. I trust I may be pardoned if I say I hope
that you will.

When Dick returned to the Kentfield Military Academy after his vacation
on his steam yacht, he found the football team of which he was a member,
in poor shape. In fact the eleven was laughed at by other military
schools, one of which refused to accept a challenge that Kentfield sent.

How Dick hired a coach from Princeton and one from Yale, and how they
"whipped" the team into shape, how championship material was made from
them, you will find told of in this book.

There is also related how Dick worked to save his father's wealth by
getting possession of certain electric road stock, which was held by a
crabbed old man who disliked cadets and football. Of course there is
also something about the bulldog, Grit, in this book, and about Uncle
Ezra Larabee, and the doings of our hero's friends and enemies are fully
set forth.

Again expressing the hope that you will find this story interesting, and
that you will care to hear more of Dick Hamilton, I remain,

Yours cordially, Howard R. Garis.

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