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Dick Hamilton's Fortune


The Stirring Doings of a Millionaire's Son



My Dear Boys:

Allow me to introduce to you my friend, Dick Hamilton.

Dick, here are the boys, thousands of them.

Boys, here is Dick Hamilton.

Now I hope you will shake hands and become
good friends; not doing as I have sometimes seen
boys do, when introduced, hang back and size
each other up, as if distrusting each other.

Go right up to Dick, get a good grip on his
hand, and squeeze for all you're worth. I'll
wager you can't make him cry "enough!"

I know he will like you, boys, and I hope you'll
like Dick. He's a fine fellow, if I do say it myself,
for I'm a sort of relation to him. He's got
lots of money, but he uses it in the right way, to
help his friends, and it doesn't keep him from
getting into trouble.

I have endeavored to give you a story of Dick
and his fortune; how he tried to fulfil the strange
condition of his mother's will; how he escaped the
toils of the sharper, was the target for many
cranks, as well as well-meaning persons; how he
aided the "fresh-air kids," and, finally, when the
gold mines had failed, how he worked hard to
escape the clutches of his uncle Ezra.

As you have taken kindly to some of the other
books I have been privileged to write for you, I
hope you will like this one; and now, if you have
read thus far, you may turn the pages and find
out what Dick had to do in order to retain his

Yours sincerely, Howard R. Garis.

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