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Dick Hamilton's Cadet Days


The Handicap of a Millionaire's Son



My Dear Boys:

When I had finished the first volume of this series, telling of the
doings of Dick Hamilton, the young millionaire, I was in some doubt as
to just how you would like it. I hoped that you would be pleased with
it, and interested in Dick and his chums, and what they did, but I could
not be sure of it.

That you did care for it, I am now assured, and I am glad to be able to
give you the second volume, relating some of Dick's experiences while at
a leading military school.

You will recall that, after he had come into possession of his great
fortune, by fulfilling certain conditions of his mother's will, there
were still other things for him to do; matters that his mother had
planned before her death. One of these was to make sure that her son
would get a good military training.

Dick went to Kentfield Academy, but, to his surprise, he met with a very
cold reception from the other cadets. Ray Dutton, not understanding
that, in spite of our hero's wealth, he was a fine chap, influenced the
other students against Dick, and, for a time, the young millionaire was
very lonely in the big school. But he resolved to fight his own battles,
and become popular in spite of his wealth.

Uncle Ezra brought him bad news, but it was the means of great good luck
for Dick, though Grit, the bulldog, seemed to regard the crabbed old man
as his master's enemy, and chased him from the school.

All this you will find set down in the present volume, and also an
account of how Dick was instrumental in locating a long missing soldier,
and how, when the society house of the Sacred Pig burned down, without
any insurance being in force, Dick, with his wealth, came to the aid of
the surprised cadets.

Yours sincerely, Howard R. Garis.

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