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The Kreutzer Sonata



Translated by Benjamin R. Tucker

A psychological tale of nineteenth century marriage, Christian ideals, jealousy, and murder. This harrowing psychological novella recounts a story of extreme passions, radical views injected with jealousy and debauchery. It is one of Tolstoy's best short works and a guaranteed page-turner for fans of human depth and complexity.--Submitted by C. D'Pravst

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Lithograph version?

I'm reading this in a collection of Tolstoy's short works based on the (excellent) Maude translations. This informs me that there were two versions made, one for the public and one for private consumption - the lithograph version. The Maudes translate the public version, but give the variant lithograph text in 100 notes in an appendix. If you want a good reading experience I recommend just reading the public version right through and ignoring the notes! But if you read the notes after doing this, the notes suggest the Lithograph version is the more interesting one. So I'd like a "readable" version of the lithograph. Anyone know if there is one in existence? The ones I can "look inside" on Amazon look like the public version.

The Kreutzer Sonata

I love this short story, I think it is perhaps my favorite of Tolstoy's short works but it does make me wonder, do you think the opinions of the main character reflect those of Tolstoy and if so, Wow! He really disliked and distrusted women, didn't he? And sex...he had some very extreme views on the value of, or lack of value, of sex. It surprises me how open he is in his discussion of sex, to comdemn it of course, but writers of the period usually use all kinds of euphemisms and flowery, vague words to talk about sex but Tolstoy doesn't pull any punches and that's kind of refreshing.

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