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The Art of War



Translated from the Chinese with Introduction and Critical Notes


Assistant in the Department of Oriental Printed Books and MSS. in the British Museum

First Published in 1910

To my brother
Captain Valentine Giles, R.G.
in the hope that
a work 2400 years old
may yet contain lessons worth consideration
by the soldier of today
this translation
is affectionately dedicated.

* * * * *

The Art Of War is one of the oldest books ever written, yet it is still used today. It is the worlds first known treatise on war but the lessons it teaches can be applied to almost any area of your life where conflict is involved. People have been referencing this book for years in both military and civilian fields and now you can read it for yourself. ~ Easily the most in depth book of strategies on all sides of warfare. Literally teaches you techniques that can help you in everyday conflict and best way to approach! Definitely recommended to anyone who faces conflict be it in the office at school or just in general! I personally have read it many of times!--Submitted by Eric Anthony Nalley ~

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu

I've read Sun Tzu's masterpiece several times trying to absorb its lessons. Are any of you familiar with it? It is very easy to read.

Which edition / publisher / author ?

Hello! I was planning to buy Sun Tsu's classic "The Art of War" but I unfortunately get confused due to dozens of different versions of the original text reaching from plain text translations to such that contain bloated psychological "self-help motivational" comments having barely anything to do with the original text. After some research I found three versions, whereas two versions are from the same author but with different publishers. Version 1: Title: The Art of War Involved: B. H. Liddell Hart (Contributor), Samuel B. Griffith (Translator) Publisher: Publisher: OUP USA; New Ed edition (16 Mar 1971) Version 2: Title: The Art of War: The New Illustrated Edition of the Classic Text (The Art of Wisdom) Involved: Samuel B. Griffith (Translator Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers; New Ill edition (18 Aug 2005) Version 3: Title: The Art of War (Penguin Classics) Involved: John Minford (Translator) Publisher: Penguin Classics (29 May 2008) My question is: Has any of you made some experience with one of the mentioned version, and if so, give some recommendation? I am also open for other versions which are close to the original text. Thank you for your endeavours. Regards Pcell

learning strategy via art of war and games.

hi all Im wondering if anyone here has any suggestions for me... ive been reading art of war and book of five rings. and now Im hoping someone knows of any board, video, or online games that correspond to what Im trying to learn. ps, im running windows xp

If Sun Tzu's Art of War is so potent, why is it not a secret?

The Art of War is one of the oldest books on military strategy in the world. The principles Sun Tzu expounded has been said to have been utilized brilliantly by such great Asian leaders as Mao Zedong, Giap and Yamamoto. Sun Tzu's Art of War has been credited with influencing Napoleon, and even the planning for Desert Storm. What then was the MOTIVE of those who first published Sun Tzu's The Art of War, hailed as one of the greatest book on military strategy in the world? Whoever published Sun Tzu's The Art of War must have contemplated that the book would also be read by his enemies. Why then would he put his army and his kingdom at risk? I have written two blog articles: * Sun Tzu’s Art of War Exposed! * Lifting the Veil of Conspiracy on Sun Tzu’s Art of War (Links apparently not allowed. Cut and paste topic in Google Search) You may want to read it to understand where I am coming from so as to have a more fruitful discussion.

The Art of War-Translations

Well if anyone has still looks at this area of the forum I was wondering if I could get some help. I have read the book: The Art of War, The Denma Translation. This translation seemed fine to me, but seeing as I am incredibly intrigued by this book/scripture, I want to get as close to reading the original text short of learning another language. Anyone know which is best?

Sun Tzu

Though young, I feel that the "Art of War", and any books with relevance to it and Sun Tzu, is a great guide to further inhance oneself morally and mentally. It's a great book with vast potential, if read correctly. I'm only 14 so at first it was difficult to relate the subjects with modern life, but when you finally do find a comparison it couldn't be more indepth.
I've recently, spontaneously, been involved with many books of this sort. They intrigued me to the fullest extent. If anyone has suggestions to books similar to this, then please contact me at [email protected] Or if you'd just like to comment privately.
PS: That's not my real name
PPS: If anyone reading this attends/has attended the naval academy, I'd love to ask you some questions*

No Subject

I have been reading the art of war and I've got to say, it's very useful. I can carry on a debate about a certain war with an adult (I'm in high school) and prove many of their "What's right and wrong in war" axioms wrong. eg. in the Texas vs. mexico war, some say that when texas attacked mexico while they were asleep, it was a "wrong thing to do", but according to sun tzu, deception is the key to brilliant warfare.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

I don't think 'The Art of War' was meant to be a moral guide in the strict sense that we attribute to morality in Western civilization, in this particular era. In my opinion, Sun Tzu summarized all his personal experience on tactics and strategy (and perhaps other people's experience, too) in order to write a concise, logical and solid military manual. Military history is one of my biggest personal interests, and I've seen that it is possible to adapt Sun Tzu's ideas to most historical battlefields and eras. Not only does 'The Art of War' deals with manoeuvers and tactics in the battlefield, it addresses everything a commander should take into account prior to engaging battle: logistics, intelligence, terrain, morale and last, but not least, the psychological understanding of the opponent. As I mentioned above, 'The Art of War' cannot be seen as guidance for the ethics and morality of our acts, nonetheless, it is a valuable instrument when it comes down to overcome daily life difficulties, it helps focus problems in such a way they can be solved systematically. And when it comes to use such knowledge against individuals, personal foes, it's important to keep on mind that it's best to beat an enemy without actually fighting; overkill is not the best outcome most of the times.

No Subject

I read Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and I can say - it's MARVELOUS, AMAZING.
I haven't read such a book before. Try it! And it is EXTREMLY useful for person, who likes computer games, especially for RPG
and strategy lovers

No Subject

"The Art of War" is, in my opinion, comparable to other works of literature, which I have seen before. But never have I seen the general notion of conflict been approached in such a manner. It not only helps to exercise the ability of strategizing but to also come face to face with emotional distractions; and gives a more humanistic, peaceful method to solve problems.

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