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As You Like It

As You Like It (a Later Festive Comedy)

In this play, Duke Frederick (the younger duke) usurps his older brother, Duke Senior, and banishes him to the Forest of Arden. Frederick goes on to banish Duke Senior's daughter Rosalind. Frederick's daughter, Celia (Rosalind's cousin) flees her evil father with Rosalind and they head (along with Touchstone, the clown) to the Forest of Arden. Before leaving, though, Rosalind falls in love with Orlando and he with her after he beats Charles in a wrestling match. Orlando, the younger son of Sir Rowland, had rebelled at being kept a virtual prisoner by his older brother, Oliver. Duke Frederick and Oliver had hoped that Charles would kill or cripple Orlando in the match, but Orlando managed to throw and injure Charles. Soon after, Orlando flees his older brother, Oliver, after their servant Adam warns Orlando of Oliver's plans to kill him. Orlando and Adam also flee to the Forest of Arden. Duke Frederick, upon finding Celia, Rosalind, and Orlando missing, orders Oliver to find them, or face banishment himself.

In the Forest, the cousins, disguised as Ganymede (a male) and Aliena, and the clown Touchstone purchase a shepherd's hut, a flock, and a pasture from two shepherds, Corin and Silvius. In another part of the forest, the banished Duke Senior discusses the philosophizing of his melancholy courier Jaques, who is even more mad and morose than usual due to the singing of another courtier, Amiens. When Duke Senior meets him, however, Jaques is now merry, having met the clever fool, Touchstone, in the forest. Meanwhile, Orlando has been desperately searching for food, and, with a drawn sword, he enters Duke Senior's banqueting place and demands food. However, Duke Senior greets Orlando with unexpected kindness and welcomes him and Adam to his camp.

Orlando, knowing that Rosalind is somewhere in the forest, wanders through the forest hanging love verses to Rosalind upon the branches of trees. Rosalind finds the verses, and, pretending to be a male (Ganymede), she talks at length with Orlando about his true love, Rosalind. As Ganymede, she offers to pose as Rosalind and to allow Orlando to practice his wooing with her. Meanwhile, Touchstone is planning his own romance with Audrey (a sheepherder), though a commoner named William also seeks Audrey until Touchstone scares him off. "Ganymede" witnesses the love affair of Phebe and Silvius, two shepherds; Phebe treats Silvius coldly and "Ganymede" chides her for it, but Phebe instantly falls in love with "Ganymede", thinking Rosalind is a he. After "Ganymede" leaves, Phebe decides that she will write a love letter to "him" and have Silvius deliver it.

Silvius delivers the letter, and Rosalind decides that she will remedy the situation and help Silvius get Phebe by eventually revealing that "Ganymede" is a she. The exiled Oliver finds "Ganymede" and tells "him" that, while sleeping in the forest, he was saved from the attack of a lioness by his brother Orlando. Orlando was wounded and asked Oliver to bring a bloody napkin as proof of the fight and as explanation for missing his appointment with "Ganymede". "Ganymede" faints, then pretends that she was faking, though Oliver comes to realize that "Ganymede" is really Rosalind.

Orlando and Oliver are now reconciled, and Oliver tells his brother that he has fallen in love with "Aliena", the disguised Celia. They will be married the next day. Orlando returns to "Ganymede", still not knowing it is Rosalind because Oliver keeps her secret. He laments that he cannot marry his Rosalind tomorrow, but "Ganymede" promises to make it possible via magic. At the wedding, "Ganymede" reveals that "he" is actually Rosalind, causing Orlando to rejoice. Additionally, Phebe is forced to marry Silvius since she can no longer marry "Ganymede". Now, Hymen, the god of marriage, marries Orlando and Rosalind, Oliver and Celia, Silvius and Phebe, & Touchstone and Audrey. After the wedding, Jaques de Boys (a new Jaques), a long lost brother of Oliver and Orlando arrives with the news that Duke Frederick was converted to good by an old religious man, and has requested that all of the banished people return home and have their estates back. Lastly, Rosalind recites an epilogue, requesting the audience enjoy the play as much as they please, and not more. Note that this play included the famous line "All's the world's a stage", spoken by the Jaques (II,vii,140), in addition to the text for the song "Blow, Blow, Though Winter Wind" (II,vii,174).

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As You Like It

So, does anyone hear "as you like it" as compare? That is to say, there is "as you like it" in compare to as somebody else might like "it". All of which tends to beg the question of who are "you" and what is that "you" like? For example, are "you" the same "you" whom the author speaks unto in some of the sonnets? If "as you like it" in compare is more agreeable in some way to some other portrait of "you", then why? For instance, sonnet 117: "Bring me within the level of your frown" etc., suggests an image of "your frown" that might be less likeable than a portrait of "your frown" that is "as you like it". So in this sense "as you like it" made more agreeable might be as in compare to "your frown" in sonnet 117. Yes. No. Maybe?

as u like it - question

'as u like it' has been called a play of country life. how does shakespeare depict the forest of arden? describe with quotations, the daily life of the duke and his companions.:angel:

Problem with an essay.

Hi !!! I have a problem, I'm actually studying the play "As You Like It" and my teacher ask me to write an essay on "re-creation in As You Like It". I've found a few topics but I have a problem with the plan of my essay... Can you help me?

Help with arguements!

I have to write an argumentive essay on As You Like It and I'm not a particularly opinionated person. I can't come up with a topic! Any suggestions?

help help help

there's a question i wanna ask about "as you like it": some critics view comedy as a language through which subversive and disturbing content can be articulated with safety. comedy, according to some perspectives, should be understood and read as a genreby which conventions are scrutinized and even, momentarily overthrown what feautures of As You Like It exemplifies either one of these opposing views on comedy! thankyou all :)

Help please.

Hi everybody I will like to know WHY William Shakespeare wrote this novel?

As You Like It, did you like it?

How great to see some fellow Admirers of Shakespeare on here. I was just wondering if any of you have read As You Like It and what you thought of it. I found it the most enjoyable of the plays ive read, but this could be because with every page I appreciate the beauty of his work more, on the other hand it could be the curious plot. As I remember, Adam, it was upon this fashion bequeathed me by will but poor a thousand crowns, and, as thou sayest, charged my brother, on his blessing, to breed me well: and there begins my sadness. My brother Jaques he keeps at school, and report speaks goldenly of his profit: for my part, he keeps me rustically at home, or, to speak more properly, stays me here at home unkept; for call you that keeping for a gentleman of my birth, that differs not from the stalling of an ox? His horses are bred better; for, besides that they are fair with their feeding, they are taught their manage, and to that end riders dearly hired: but I, his brother, gain nothing under him but growth; for the which his animals on his dunghills are as much bound to him as I. Besides this nothing that he so plentifully gives me, the something that nature gave me his countenance seems to take from me: he lets me feed with his hinds, bars me the place of a brother, and, as much as in him lies, mines my gentility with my education. This is it, Adam, that grieves me; and the spirit of my father, which I think is within me, begins to mutiny against this servitude: I will no longer endure it, though yet I know no wise remedy how to avoid it.

Kenneth Branagh adaptation?

Did anyone see the Kenneth Branagh adaptation of As You Like it on HBO last semester? What is the general consensus? Personally, I thought it was excellent. However, I have not read the original play...

Why 7?

Is there any significance to the number seven (7) in the play "As You Like It"? For instance there are : 7 ages of man, Touchstone relates 7 "causes" in Act V, scene 4 (Retort Courteous, Quip Modest, Reply Churlish, etc), Jaques discusses 7 types of melancholy in Act IV scene 1. My guess is that this isn't coincidence.

answer my question

hi every1 this is kahmala. i wanted your help in finding my answer. i am having some difficulty in finding the answer of this question. the question is "briefly describe the kind of life to which the listners are invited by the song 'under the greenwood tree' from the play of shakespeare 'as you like it'. plese poeple help me in answering this question. i want the answer as quick as possible. thank you.

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