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Tales From Shakespeare



No better introduction to William Shakespeare's dramatic masterpieces exists than the delightful prose adaptations of Charles and Mary Lamb, first published in 1807. The two selected 20 of Shakespeare's best-known plays and set out both to make them accessible to children and to pay enthusiastic homage to the original works. Together the Lambs distilled the powerful themes and unforgettable characterizations of Shakespeare's plays into elegant narratives--classic tales in their own right. Charles took responsibility for such powerful tragedies as Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, and King Lear, while Mary worked on the comedies: brilliant fantasies like A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest, and thought-provoking plays like Measure for Measure, Cymbeline, and The Merchant of Venice. As the authors point out in their Preface, their versions of the tragedies tend to rely on the language of the original plays, while the comedies are more freely adapted. But all of the Lambs' stories--with their clear, supple, and rhythmic prose--reward any reader, whether encountering Shakespeare for the first time or revisiting his work.

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Charles Lamb Tales From Shakespeare Deluxe Ed.

Hi, Came here looking for a little help on a book I have. The book is Tales form Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb Illustrated Deluxe Ed. It is Hard cover with Red leather binding and gold letters. the corners of jacket are also red leather with some marble finish. It says edited with an introduction by Alfred Ainger. Chesterfield Society, London New York. -next page- EDITION DE LUX, One thousand copys of this edition have been printed for sale in America. (But there is no number, its blank.) The only date i can find is after the introduction it says (1878) then A.A. Its approx 394 pages. Also I have Charles Lamb Letters deluxe ed. Same description as one above but it is autographed by Leigh Hunt, also no number/1000 approx 293 pages Was wanting to know if it is a misprint maybe or a limited edition or what.. Any Help or Input would be greatly Appreciated. Thank You..:yawnb:


I am having trouble figuring out what the copyright date is for an edition I bought in a used bookstore. On the inside cover page it says "Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb with twenty page illustrations and five original colored plates" and at the bottom of the page it says "A.L. Burt Company, Publishers, New York." Nothing else but that to go from. The book itself is a tan hardback book with a picture of a castle in the background. Here is a picture of the front cover. Hopefully this will work. If anyone can find out for me the information on this copy I would be delighted!

Tales from Shakspere

hi, i have rec. a book from my grandmother, which is written by Charles and Mary Lamb, with forty engravings. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company printed the book before 12-25-1883, because this was a gift and the person who received it put the date she rec. also the book has a redish/brown hard cover, on the spine it has Riverside Standard Juveniles at the bottom , and Tales from Shakspere at the top, with a gold color with flowers looking like sunflowers.On the very last page there is a picture of Shakspere from the Monument at Stratford. On the front page there is a picture of Shakespere with other smaller people or images around him, down in the lower right side is a picture of a deer or moose. Can anyone tell me how old this book is and it's value? I don' t see any date on the book, other than what I have said above, thanks tracey k

1878 Edition of Lamb's "Tales from Shakespeare"

I have inherited "Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb with Twelve Illustrations in Permanent Photography from the Boydell Gallery", published "London Bickers and Son, I, Leicester Square 1878." "Elzevir Press:-Printed by John C. Wilkins, 9, Castle Street, Chancery Lane."Small sticker inside cover "Sold by W. Whiteley Stationers, Westbourne...." The brown-red cloth bound cover has gilt lettering and gilt and black embossed decorations of fairies, elves, baby on a mushroom, the moon and a bat. Inside cover is black ink handwriting "Edith Alice Fort from Mama, Xmas 1878". Would anyone be able to put a value on this book for me? Thank you!


well i read the post about how all these books are prolly just worthless nothings. but if anyone knows anything at all about this book, i would appreciate any and all help just to lay to rest the mysteria surrounding this book. first off its bound in red leather. there is no title on the cover yet "Tales from Shakespeare" is incribed in gold on the spine surrounded by a flowery design. very curious: on the cover is a metal trinket design thing that is embedded into the center of the cover. On about the second blank page, the signature "Warren C. Sylvester" is dated Nov 30, 1906. I assume this was the owner of the book as people would sign the inside of books when they recieved them as gifts (back in the day) On the title page is written, well, the title by charles and mary lamb, the publisher:Thomas Y. Crowelland Company Publishers, but no publish date. this edition includes an introduction by "The Rev. Alfred Ainger, M.A." The only clue I am given to the books date is Rev. Ainger's introduction which is dated 1878. this saddenned me because it ruled out the possibilty of this book being a first edition from 1807. but I am bound and detmerined to figure this book out. however, this particular edition of the book has seemed to drop off the map as I have gotten nowhere in locating it on the internet. so if anyone has anything to say about this book, please email me at [email protected]

Tales From Shakespeare

I found the book Tales from Shakespeare, that's green, and has a hard cover. There are no illustrations, and there are flowers and other designs on the cover. There are 2 volumes in this edition, and there isn't a copyright date. Someone wrote something in this book, that was dated back to 1899. I was wondering if this book was worth anything?


I have a copy of the book Tales from Shakespeare Illustrated, with no copywrite information, and I would like to get an idea as to the date it was published. (George Routledge and Sons, Limited, New York, 9 Lafayette Place). It contains 80 black and white illustrations, and includes the Life of Shakespeare as the last chapter. The cover is light brown, with a picture of an old man with a cane, next to a younger woman holding a set of keys and what appears to be a business card. Any comments or speculation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


I have a book TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE its a small redish colored book by
charles and mary lamb with colored illustrations.. I was wondering how old it was and if it was worth any thing?? could some one let me know ??please ,thankyou..

No Subject

I have a copy of Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb published by Thomas Y. Crowell and Company Publishers, New York.
It has a leather cover with an embossing of Anne Hatheways Cottage
with a fly or bee underneath. Is it worth anything?

Tales from Shakespeare

I found an old copy of this book. Illustrations by W. Paget and published by The Mershon Company , Rahway, N. J. , New York. It may even have the signature of the author inside. The cover has a lady on it with flower bushes or flower tubs on each side of her. Any clues as to how old this book may be? There is another inscription inside to an Allen Shook from Lona (not sure of the spelling of her name) this is dated Dec 26, 1907

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