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Character Summary


Valentine: a gentleman of Verona who travels the world to seek his fortune only to fall in love with Silvia

Proteus: a gentleman of Verona who is in love with Julia only to betray her and his friend Valentine by soliciting Silvia's love

Speed: Valentine’s page

Julia: a lady who is in love with Proteus and joins him in Milan disguised as Sebastian

Lucetta: Julia’s waiting woman

Antonio: Proteus’ father who is eager to have his son engaged in worldly activities as befitting a young gentleman

Panthino: Antonio’s servant

Silvia: Valentine’s beloved who rebuffs Proteus' and Thurio's advances

Launce: Proteus’ clownish servant who harbors a deep affection for his dog Crab

Thurio: Valentine’s rival to Silvia’s love

Duke of Milan: Silvia’s father who is partial to Sir Thurio marrying his daughter

Outlaws: three outlaws who recruit Valentine to act as their leader

Host: the man whose establishment in Milan Julia lodges in, and the man who leads Julia, who is disguised as Sebastian, to Proteus

Eglamour: a gentleman and Silvia’s friend who agrees to help her abscond to Mantua where she believes Valentine to be residing 

William Shakespeare